Director Ivan Reitman goes solo for a commentary track, followed by the studio-standard making-of, Sex Friends

There are a ton of parties within No Strings Attached, a constant flow of gatherings reproducing tons of chatter and loud music. There’s a short bar concert at that really gets the bass flowing, even as the characters leave to chat outside. The low-end never stops pumping out material.

The same goes for any music, the soundtrack lively in the soundfield, situating itself in the surrounds naturally without becoming overly forceful. The stereos are not just for songs either, dialogue splitting off when it has a few opportunities to widen the space a bit. Otherwise, it’s a firm center channel presentation that is quietly impressive and balanced.

Inside the Sassy Halls of Secret High looks at how the parody TV show came together and how the cast/crew enjoyed working with it. Modern Love details the process of writing modern relationships in comparison to the past. Six deleted scenes and two alternates deliver 15-minutes worth of stuff, followed by more deleted material on BD-Live.

Overall Review

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