Mario, by his own admission had cleaned the automobile, but claims, “we washed everyone else’s DNA except Christie Wilson?

“Why is it that the DNA in the door, stated is of Christie Wilson, was the thing that has been discovered? Just why is it your DNA from my sons, my spouse and other individuals that are in auto weren’t found?” he asks.

Don Murchison may be the prosecution’s lead detective. “They couldn’t defend the thing that was there, so they had to say it actually was planted,” the guy tells Moriarty.

The protection in addition indicated a thumb at Danny Burlando, just who didn’t have a verifiable alibi for the nights Christie moved missing. But Murchison was confident Danny is not the killer.

“When I ended up being through with my study, looking at his cellphone reports, their computer system registers, their email files, he wasn’t in any way, shape or kind mixed up in murder of Christie Wilson,” he states.

And furthermore, Murchison says Christie remaining the girl mark on the actual killer. “She kept bodily proof on Mr. Garcia’s body that permitted you to connect the 2 together. We had a number of witnesses later in the day that watched your without accidents. We had a number of witnesses each morning opportunity that noticed your with large quantities of problems on his face,” he says.

Dr. Robert Royer, who had been resting near to Mario Garcia on casino, informed detectives he could demonstrably discover Garcia’s face. “I didn’t read any incidents, no,” the guy says to Moriarty. “and that I’m fairly great at creating those types of observations ’cause that’s what i actually do for a living.”

However, the very further day, some of Mario’s co-workers say they watched scratches on their face-so most that it looked like he’d experienced a fight.

“I have been doing work in the house for a lot of weekends and that I contracted poison pine. Those is injury that I gotten through poison oak and falling from a tree,” Mario says.

Mario states the guy have those scratches as he decrease out of a forest but detectives believe the scratching check eerily such as the marks Christie remaining on her behalf boyfriend Danny months previously.

“we absolutely think that there is a struggle that occurred in ecopayz online casino the car, a close quarters combat that took place the backseat location,” Murchison says.

Showing their support, Wendy Ward moved to Sacramento, CA meet up with Christie’s group the very first time. Ward lead to court together with the Boyds for closing arguments, in which Mario’s lawyers believe no one also knows if Christie was dead.

“do they really convict considering circumstantial facts by yourself? Just how do they feel about prosecuting anyone for kill if there is nobody located?” the prosecutor wonders.

But Mario inquiries the findings

Specially since Mario Garcia’s denials throughout the stay is new for the jurors thoughts. “Im most sorry Christie Wilson was missing out on but I am not sure in which she actually is at. There isn’t the answers for where she moved.

I recently find myself personally for the wrong put from the incorrect energy,” according to him

For 2 painful period, Deb and Pat Boyd seated through the test associated with guy they think killed their own 27-year-old girl Christie.

After per year . 5 of doubt and control, Christie’s family noticed vindicated. “completely justice has become served. It’s about time. Today, if he’s any type of one he will reveal in which he disposed of my daughter,” she states.

The verdict came as a shock to ily. “My wife, my personal sons were not anticipating they. My personal lawyers are not anticipating it. I happened to be stunned. I just couldn’t state things. I could maybe not say something. I simply I became stunned,” he says.

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