From 0 to 12 years old

Preschool, Early childhood, Primary and Adolescence Stages


Introductory course to Montessori education to learn Montessori Philosophy and the different working areas of Montessori pedagogy, from birth to 12 years old.
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Tổng quan khóa học

The introductory course to Montessori education that we present is a week-long training, 12 hours of content and dedication. We will teach an introduction to Montessori Philosophy and a tour of the different working areas of Montessori pedagogy. We will do it through a theoretical exposition, illustrated with practical examples of some activity presentations, in the various areas.

The Montessori approach stands out among the pedagogies of active education or New school, for having been consolidated for more than a hundred years, since its bases have been validated by Neurosciences and have been successfully extended to non-school settings.

Although Dr Montessori began her work with children with disabilities and later focused on the 3- to 6-year-old level, she established guidelines to extend the method from birth to three years, as well as in primary school and adolescence.

This educational approach promotes the harmonious development of the motor, intellectual, emotional and social areas, from a personalised approach. It also emphasizes the role of the human being who collaborates with the balance of nature and promotes peace

Mục tiêu

  • Desarrollo sensorial MontessoriReflect on the importance of sensorial education from birth.
  • Know the Sensorial and Cognitive area purposes in the Montessori environment
  • Identify the characteristics of the materials in this area.
  • Know the groups of exercises and their sequence.
  • Design some sensorial experiences for children between 0 and 3 years old.

Students will have the necessary readings for training through our virtual campus

Modules where we will discuss the following content:

  • Montessori historical context, the origin and scope of the method.
  • The educational principles discovered in San Lorenzo and the qualities of Montessori pedagogy: education for life, scientific education, peace education and cosmic education.
  • Stages of development and human tendencies: absorbing mind and sensitive periods, characteristics from birth to adolescence.
  • Physical and psychological characteristics of the prepared environment: from the Nest to the Adolescents Community.
  • Concentration as the basis for normalization.
  • The role of the adult: main aspects of their preparation.
  • The importance of observation.
  • Childcare from birth to three years, importance of free movement according to Montessori and Pikler.
  • General purposes and characteristics of the materials for level 3 to 6 years: Practical Life, Sensory Material, Language and Mathematics.
  • Examples of working with some materials from level 3 to 6 years.
  • General purposes and characteristics of the materials for the level 6 to 12 years: Language, Mathematics, Geometry and Cosmic Education.
  • Examples of working with some materials from level 6 to 12 years.
  • Educational proposal for adolescents.
  • A day in a Montessori classroom.
  • Aspects to consider in the implementation of Montessori pedagogy: educational inclusion, simultaneous learning of two languages, evaluation.
  • Montessori and Neurosciences.

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